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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm sure this has probably been asked a few times so I do apologise. Using RM, what's the best script bot to use and what's the best NPC to use it on?
  2. Filter on fighter and popularity. The npcs depend on your combat stats.
  3. Ah yes, forgot to include this.. All melee stats are currently at 65
  4. Free to play or members? RS3 or OSRS? What gear can you afford? Are you looking to invest into prayer potions for faster training? Have you looked at the Bestiary
  5. Members
    I can afford anything I need, full Dragon if required until Bandos
    I would invest
    I have indeed
  6. I'd go for hellhounds in the taverly dungeon. And @Party I believe this belongs in the General section.
  7. What script bot would you recommend for this?
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  9. First get blood fury and get to 75 attack and get sara godsword. After that you can camp abyss or hellhounds forever for good xp. Alpha fighter seems to work decently. Alpha abyss camper for abyss camping but best spots are really crowded. If you have decent slayer lvl (60 if i remember) you can camp aberrant spectres forever for fairly good profit. They drop good herbs in notes.
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  10. I would tread lightly on botting in hellhounds as bans are given there.
  11. Oh really? Thanks for the heads up :)

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