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  1. An easy yet fairly unkown trick is to change your country when upgrading your account.

    As you can see, their website properly detects me as a Dutchman and therefore offers me a price of €6,95 per month. Let's convert that to American Dollars, shall we?

    6,95 EUR to USD: = $9,65

    Alright, let's change the country to the United Kingdom... which is not exactly a country, but enfin:

    I am offered a price of £4,95.

    4.95 UKP to USD: = $8,29

    we have just saved ourselves $1.36 a month.
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  2. Nice guide! Or one can simply make 500k/day to buy bonds... 500k is about 10 mins of frost dragons, if not less...
  3. Found an even cheaper country: Sweden. kr50 -> 7.56 USD ;)
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  4. Thanks for the guide, bud.
  5. Awesome! Going to keep this in mind. Thank you too, OP
  6. Pretty sure you can also purchase a US membership on Amazon for just as cheap.

    Yup, just checked, has membership for $7.95 a month and sometimes has sales where it can go down as much as $3.
    All you need to do is use and enter a US address while ordering and use your normal payment method. You will get a code to redeem for membership via a link.
  7. I live in sweden runescape member prices are verry nice :)
  8. Nice find! I remember when membership was still $5/mo.
  9. Me too. I still had that on my old main but sadly that one got banned.
  10. That seems to be the case these days! Mine got banned as well.

    Amazon seems to be the route to take when purchasing membership(s).
  11. India is usually fairly cheap for membership. It's 5.6$ at the moment ;)

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