MetaDungeon BETA 0.1.0

Floor 1-11, C1-6, Updates very soon!

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  2. Wow goodluck following
  3. Let's hope we can bring back the old days of iDungpro!
  4. Hoo to the ray!
  5. HYPE HYPE HYPE!!! Been waiting for this for so long, can't wait to test it out!
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    Just tried to start it : the gui doesnt disappear after i press start, Not sure if this is intentional because the bot started trying to do stuff but nothing on the paint was showing
  6. Just tried to test the script bot, same as moneyblades says... The GUI doesn't disappear, I tried minimizing it... I guess clicking start does not close the GUI, it starts up the bot but does not close it. The bot walks around clicks on the map but doesn't open the doors, in my instance there was wood to chop and it did not click the wood, It just hovered over it and moved the mouse around aimlessly.
  8. crashes and doesnt eat. also cant do bosses it jst runs up to them to attack doesnt dodge the specials
  9. Wait so it took you 3 months to just re-upload the bot that runs floors 1-11 and that you have already made? lol
  10. This is what I was thinking. I smell powerbot.
  11. The old bot by Red didn't support c5 and c6, as you can imagine, c5 and c6 bring a whole lot of new puzzles and bosses that require more coding. I'm a bit disappointed that you're burning them down whilst they put in an extreme amount of effort and time. Please realize that even though as front end user it might not seem to be an important update or any major addition to the bot, it can be really hard and time consuming to add and fix content.

    Again, please respect bot authors, you're lucky that they provide content you get to enjoy.
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  12. For free I may add.
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  13. While they can spend that time on projects that make alot of money I may add.
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  14. Get out of here, if you want to start shit like this, go to the troll-infested powerbot forums.
  15. come on give to Hazard some credit... he is working a lot on this project....
  16. I guess red is grounded again, the poor fella :(
    I feel bad for Hazard as well and kristiaan..
  17. It's a joke. They said it would be nothing like powerbots situation. It's exactly like powerboats situation. /Thread.
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  18. A "/s" would have helped.
  19. /S?


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