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    Brace yourselves..


    23/08: Bot was pushed to the store but was denied because we used reflection; which is not allowed apparently. Will be fixed asap!

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  2. Good luck guys. ;)
  3. just include slash since he's writing one too and make the best dungeoneering script bot ever
  4. Would be good, but i guess that there would be a problem since @SlashnHax is making his own line of scripts bots :p
  5. I read it as MetalDungeon. I thought this was specifically for metal dragons........Im so happy I was wrong this is 10x better!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I can't see the metal in it :p but i guess thats just our brain fooling us maybe ;D
  7. Rarely ever see the word "Meta". Good ol brain and word association.
  8. We wanted a greek name prefix because they sound cool
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    Much work has been done already, we've got a very stable and structured..structure, and the RoomUpdater(maps all doors and tiles in the room) is working smoother than we could ever hope!

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  9. Wow. Just wow...
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  10. Looks very promising:) Any ETA?
  11. So what's happening to TenDungeon?
  12. Getting merged into MetaDungeon, same as most of Hax's bots coming Alpha etc etc
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  13. MetaDungeon = TenDungeon+RedDungeon+epic gfx by @kristiaan
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    Not yet, we don't want to release before we've got c6 fully working ;)
  14. And another team joins the fray :D
  15. Will this also get an leeching option?
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  16. Good idea :)
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    The script bot has just completed it's first C6 Medium floor!
    Admitted; it was with some luck as only 1 puzzle is supported so far, but still!
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    Doing nothing but writing puzzles for our c6 release!
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  17. Been completing C6 dungeons in about 5 mins, with no food slowing it down
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