RS3 Microsoft's Multi-Services [Staff/Cheap/Fast]

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  1. Hi guys,

    Here's what I can do for you...
    • Create automation software incl multi-threading for your SEO or other needs...
    • Middle-manning* [free of charge]
    I'll be accepting PayPal, BTC and RSGP.

    *I'll only be doing middleman services for trades that don't involve PayPal interaction.
    The reason for this is, if the buyer does a PayPal chargeback I will lose my Personal PayPal account.
    So, BTC and RSGP are fine ;)
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  2. what do you charge for questing?
  3. any news on that RS account creator? :D
  4. Update, I'll only be creating automation bots and doing middleman trades.
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    Yes, take a look at some uBot videos for example and you'll get the idea ;)
  5. Whats Ubot? isit just like AUtoit and AHK? I searched it up, looks similar in how it grabs handles n things n just manipulates them through using functions from windows librarys.

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