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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Jack Nic, Oct 6, 2016.

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  1. I'd love to see a minigame afker. Purely for gaining thaler.
  2. Could you elaborate on this idea a bit?
  3. We don't endorse bots which leech off the hard work of legitimate players like this.
  4. Excuse me? People do this ALL THE TIME. I do it legit myself as well. No one plays minigames anymore . Even if they did , afking for thaler isn't gonna hurt them? Also, ppl get pissed if you DON'T afk and actually play.

    And all the other bots affect legitimate players too in a way, don't they? They lower price for items and hurt legitimate players aswell? They can't make as much money anymore due to it?

    If you cba making this bot, don't do it. No ones forcing you, but don't say random ass stuff. Thanks.
  5. Chill out. Pretty sure Party is mostly referring to Pest Control, where leeches hurt every game. If a bot existed to afk games, it would hurt legitimate players heavily (check OSRS PC), it can be cancer at times because of bots afking at the Void Knight.

    A bot that afks Castle Wars on RS3 for instance, would be a different matter.
  6. You're an idiot.
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