Minimize RuneMate to Tray or Hide it in the Background

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  1. Hi,

    would it be possible to have an option to minimize RuneMate to the tray or have a sort of key combination to hide and unhide the client?

    I am asking for windows computers.

    This will be extremely useful for those botting at work/school.

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  2. @Cloud @Arbiter

    Otherwise I'll just add that option myself since I'm using the tray icon anyway.
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  3. i want this!
  4. How would you hide the process from the task bar?
  5. Stage#hide() doesn't close the process.
  6. inb4 I write some code which drops the RM jar into startup in a hidden manner on a system, and then executes in in a hidden manner. That way people can run distributed goldfarms.
  7. I think the lag would be extremely noticeable. RuneMate is still extremely heavy. At least it is on my computer.
  8. The lag is noticeable when you've got a bitcoin miner on your computer, yet people still get infected by them and have no idea. Most end users just think their computer is getting slower/is broken.
  9. 8/8 Gr8 suggestion!
  10. Like this?

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  11. My Computer is really slow the past months, do you have an idea how to detect something like a miner? A virus scan didnt find anything. Im not sure if it is infected or simply getting old
  12. Well. It depends somewhat. If it's a miner, it'll be using your GPU disproportionately to your CPU (at least if the person who wrote it has any sense). Take a look at your GPU usage, and find any processes which are taking up lots of GPU usage. Also, running Hitman Pro might be a decent idea, it tends to pick things up that programs like MBAM don't.

    You might also want to take a look at autorunsc, which lets you look at all startup entries in detail (moreso than msconfig or whatever). However, if you're infected and it's been well done, you probably won't be able to see it there.
  13. Alright thank you a lot, I will have a look with those programs :)
  14. YES YES YES.
  15. This is being implemented in the next release.
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