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Simple runecrafting bot

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  2. Got me from lvl 5 to 24 in time that's written in prog and made 1.5k pure essence profit.

    No problem encountered

    Edit: Air runes

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  3. Here's a better prog

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  4. Gonna try this one, seems worth it! :)
  5. Since it works with every F2P rune, would there be a possible to add combined runes such as mud, lava etc?
  6. Sure! I will add them to the to-do list :)
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  7. mate decent bot an doing fire runes tho as soon as it puts moves the screen around to the down position it gets stuck possible if u could just get it to rotate around instead?
  8. Ofcourse! I will look into it this week.
  9. Is there a possibility that you could speed the steps up a few milli seconds.. just stands in the same spot each run for to long and jsut looks a bit suspicious you know :p
    Waypoints are same consistent spots and scares me if you know what i mean.
    But great work dude :)
  10. yeh bro things need to be a little qucker
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    opens up random shit thats a problem
  11. You mean it stands still at the ruin, and then at the alter and at the bank? That is because it is then searching for the objects. I will try to make it faster.
    Still have some work to do on the bot but I also have a full time job which needs my attention ;)

    Random shit?
  12. Noticed, when i had the mini-map to small, it opens the world map sometimes
    Might be thats what he referese to?

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