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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Jesse, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Keep getting this doing anything

    java.lang.RuntimeException: Matrix is not symmetric positive definite.
    at a.Rd.byte(ti:847)
    at a.vD.byte(ti:140)
    at a.vD.byte(ti:119)
    at a.ce.byte(ti:121)
    at a.ce.byte(ti:119)
    at a.iC.byte(gi:2)
    at a.iC.byte(gi:119)
    at a.aE.byte(gi:68)
    at a.aE.byte(gi:119)
    at a.Ac.char(sl:435)
    at a.zl.byte(iwb:1582)
    at a.zl.byte(iwb:1382)
    at a.OL.byte(eob:85)
  2. Clouse related. Does it continue to operate fine regardless of the exception? If so, @Cloud can we suppress this benign output?
  3. Hard to say sometimes it would come up when Im buying things in the G.E next it would stop my script bot and then come up, not a scripter so I don't know what it means or what caused it.

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