OSRS ★ Modern Guide to Goldfarming | Written by Rekke

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Rekke, Jul 20, 2015.

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    Terms of Service:
    1. You may not leak, distribute or resell this book in any circumstance.
    2. You may not chargeback or raise a dispute; if you do, a scam report will be made.
    3. You may not release the contents of this book in any circumstance.
    4. You may not sales trash this thread.
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  2. Might consider this:p
  3. May buy when the next check comes through.
  4. Jagex is paying you good I guess?
  5. NAH M8 thts y i gutta by guldfrmn guide
  6. good to hear guys, let me know. adding a payivy link soon
  7. Nice artwork, made it yourself?

    Looks interesting. Might buy.

  8. nope i did not :p gave a draft/design to a gfx man to do it for me because im lazy
  9. I would not recommend buying off of him, i purchased an e-book off him when he had it listed on sythe. Told me it was not the updated version and that i would receive it when it was finished. He then told me this today
  10. well maybe you should include like a sample chapter in the OP :p
  11. I'll be giving out some vouch copies so people like you don't doubt me too hard ;)
  12. The image sergey140 posted makes everyone think twice lol.
  13. I would highly recommend not buying ebooks as most methods are saturated and come on..goldfarming on runescape is basics101 there isnt really anyhting special to it or a secret method. Its just meeting skill requirements and having multiple accounts
  14. this is kinda true :p
  15. This looks & sounds dodgy as fuck.
  16. @Rekke I'd like a vouch copy.
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  17. skype me or send me your email via pm, id be happy to send you one.
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    you guys dont seem so convinced!

    1: @ZulrahEzy these "methods" you are talking about dont have any relation to my book. it is a book on how to goldfarm, not on some saturated methods.
    something tells me you havent actually tried to farm as of late, its a lot harder than just running an account on yews my friend, unfortunately you've said something with no evidence to bakc your claim

    2: @kristiaan it really isn't :p if you have tried farming as of late, it's much harder, and this book isn't saturated.

    3: @Eagles13 heres some reviews for you:p


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    about to send a vouch copy to EvilCabbage (when he replies to my message =]) you guys should read the review before buying to see :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 22, 2015 ---
    Just sent a vouch copy to @EvilCabbage

    use the following format please:

    Recommend Buying:
    Additional Comments:

    thank you! enjoy the free vouch copy my friend.
  18. Haven't received one yet. Looks like you've forgotten the attachment :p
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