Mods please remove scripts that dont work!

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  1. We do that periodically.
  2. A couple thievers and a couple crafters don't work and it seems like they're not getting updated (been at least 2 months since last update)
  3. Contact the bot author?
  4. Dude I obviously have, that is why I created this thread because they don't reply or say it will be a while because they have better things to do, which is completely fair but it shouldn't be on the store.
  5. Give specific names, so we can take appropriate action. Obviously, the RuneMate Staff cannot actively run/evaluate all the bots in the store.
  6. @Arbiter @Cloud
    Could we have dedicated script bot testers that will just test all the scripts bots and post their statuses... Preferably in it's on thread and maybe give the testers a badge/title (like the "Bot Author" title or your "Executive" title, but say "Bot Tester" or "script bot Tester" instead) after they have proven themselves worthy of properly describing errors/bugs...

    I'm willing to test as many as I can with my multiple characters, and willing to test them at least once a month to make sure they continue working... I don't have the stats to test every script bot, though... I'd just like a dedicated place to post results so you guys don't have to look through every script bot's topic to see the statuses...
  7. We can consider that option if there is still a lack of appropriate testing post-beta.
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  8. You also have to consider the fact that if the script bot isn't faulty and its something wrong with your setup you might flag someones script bot incorrectly.
    You'd need at least 5 different people testing each script bot each time Cloud pushes an update.
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  9. Completely agree... That's why I was saying we should have titles/badges and they should have to be earned... So the tests will be done by trusted members that can prove their competency...
  10. the 2 hakuna does not work
  11. How phenomenally informative.
  12. What, that both of the hakuna scripts bots don't work?
  13. The plethora of information about how he's tested them, his methodology, his results, his writeup, etc.
  14. I'm willing to devote time and attention to script bot testing. -
    Would have been a little bit of help if you could have described in what way the script bot doesn't work. Telling people "it's broken" doesn't help anyone.

    To help yourself you must help others.
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  15. I am aware about the fact that my scripts bots doesn't work.
    I've been inactive due to real life issues but I'll test my scripts bots and fix them this week.

    I actually have two flawless scripts bots ready for release :). But to make sure that there are no complaints, I will not publish them yet.


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