RS3 Money Making 2m-4m/Hour!

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  1. Hey everyone, I made a guide on how to make about 1.2m-2m/hour at spiritual warriors a while ago and someone mentioned they'd like to see more guides; Especially for mid-lower levels so I figured it was time to make another and what we're going to do today is Gargoyles!
    Firstly Let's go over some requirements,gear,and inventory set up.


    **Firstly the most important;75 slayer is required to harm these.**
    -If using melee 75+ melee stats and tier 70 gear at least
    -If maging 70+ mage and defense
    -55 mage for high alch
    -96 Summoning if using a yak
    -Learn how to deliver killing blows faster OR legendary pet using this feature HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    Set up:

    This is the Gear I personally use to kill them
    A blood necklace isn't required but it does cut down on a lot of the food you'll need! I recommend using that, SS, or Vampirysm.
    I personally don't mage them, even though they are weak to water spells because I prefer melee. I recommend a Blood necklace, SS, or Vampirysm to save a lot of food
    Note: You only need notepaper If you don't have Yak Scrolls to bank the items or alch runes to alch them
    Any Teleport tab works, just for a quick tp out

    How to get there:
    For this method you will be heading to the slayer tower; If you don't know how to get there teleport to Canifs lodestone and run to the entrance of the slayer tower and talk to Markus about contracts as shown below.

    Once you talk to Markus make sure to pick up the contract to kill 165 Gargoyles as it will allow you to gain slayer xp not of a task or 20% more xp if you are on a task and a nice reward of cash or xp!

    Where to go:

    Once in the slayer tower head north west and climb up the staircase twice, Then walk south a little bit and you will be right by the gargoyle room![​IMG]


    Unfortunately I somehow lost my pictures of any loots 1hr + but I can say I've never made less than 2m In an hour with these stats using melee.

    Good luck and I hope this helps some mid level players make some easy money! If anyone would like to see any other guide I'm open to suggestions and always open to all feedback :)
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  2. Great guide! Will use this money making method, thank you :)
  3. Can I bot it? If not idc.
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  4. First off you don't need to be an ass. Second of all yes you can there are many many scripts bots that can do these if you have killing blows unlocked/a legendary pet so you may want to look into something before you go comment and make an ass of your self. Thanks.
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  5. Thanks for reply. Just wanted to know.
  6. If you want to bot this, Make sure you have either the killing blows unlocked or a legendary pet using this feature. Also any AIO Fighting Bot should be fine, or even Alpha Slayer
  7. Thanks man. You're right. any combat bot will do the job.
  8. The great thing about these creatures, is that the prices of the items doesn't change, as they're already around the alch price. So you can just bring runes for high alchemy and stay there for as long as you want to.
  9. Oh cool, a guide.


    Don't be actin like i is zezima m9 how im sposed to get tis??!?!?2111
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  10. Pretty cool dude, will definitely look into it!
  11. Just train your slayer! You'll make a lot of money and get a lot of xp on the way!
  12. I don't play runescape 3 lol. i only bot it. and im too lazy to use fighter bots to train my slayer atm.
  13. you do know theres a slayer bot right...?
  14. i'm aware of that, but i have not tested it yet. does it work well for you?
  15. Yes, just make sure you setup everything, thats the only hard part.
  16. Lets make a dedicated bot for this :D

    Or maybe does @Aria would be so awesome to share that old slayer tower script bot xD
  17. That'd be great, Support because the money made is constant, due to the majority being alchables
  18. should add list of alches so we can insert in bot just saying. would be niceeee
  19. Is it me, or did Gargoyle's drop rate get nerfed? I notice my profit per hr is only around 1.5M. Using full bandos, armadyl 2h, and blood amulet of fury. All combat stats in the high 90's
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    Rune full helm
    Rune platelegs
    Rune longsword
    Off-hand rune longsword
    Granite maul
    Mystic robe top
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  20. Very good, I will try in Runescape!

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