OSRS Money Making Method #1 100k-800k p/hr

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  1. Hello!

    Im going to start money making guides for my fellow OSRS players. If you like the little guide series I'm about to start feel free to comment about it! :)

    Guide #1:

    1. To start i would recommend at least 50k-200k starting cash. the more you have, the more money potential you have to make hourly
    2. What we will be doing is buying death runes from in game shops in Varrock, Pest Control, and Port Sarim. I personally recommend Pest Control because you can also profit off of chaos runes.
    3. Head to pest control (or other rune shop) and trade the shopkeeper, buy all of the death runes until it is out of stock, then hop to the next world and repeat until you're out of cash. If you are at pest control you can also buy the chaos runes until the stock in shop is at 180. if you buy past 180 of chaos runes you will LOSE money so only buy to 180.
    4. Head to the GE and sell your runes, THATS IT.
    5. Bathe in you're riches
    6. Lose all your money staking
    7. See step 1

    Current Death rune price in GE: Approximately 333gp each
    Current Chaos rune price in GE: Approximately 101gp each

    Price of Death runes in shop: 224gp each
    Price of Chaos runes in shop: 90-96gp each (more you buy the higher the price goes, thats why u stop buying when there is less than 180 in stock)


    many more to come :)
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  2. Step 6 should be "make bank staking."

    all in or nothing!
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  3. haha I've never had any luck staking lmao
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  4. You gotta know when to stake, how much to stake, and who to stake against. Profit all day erry day... until you yolo it all away.
  5. Don't want to hi-jack your thread by any means, but I figured you would like a method to add to your list! This one is quite unique!

    1. Start the quest 'Murder Mystery'. Get far enough into it where you can use the flour bin.
    2. Buy empty pots from the G.E.
    3. Fill those pots with flour, and bank at the Seers' Village bank. Withdraw new pots.
    4. Repeat.
    Or, if you have a bit extra cash:
    1. Do step one from above.
    2. Same as above.
    3. Fill the pots with flour, and use a Ring of Dueling to bank + withdraw new pots. Teleport back to Camelot (OR IF YOU DO THE ACHIEVEMENT DIARY, YOU CAN CHANGE THE TELEPORT LOCATION TO DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE SEERS' BANK!)
    4. Repeat.
    I'm not sure exactly how many inventories you can do a hour, but it's 6K profit per inventory with barely any requirements!
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  6. Someone make a bot for this please, this would be a really good bot, you can use it to do death and chao rune and just keep seeling and running back
  7. You should suggest this at the appropriate section... if you want to turn it into reality.
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