Dark Money Making Runecrafting?

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by steven173, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. What are some Money Making Methods for Runecrafting? Ive got almost 80 Runecrafting and are there any bots that work for Darkscape to make money Runecrafting.
  2. Alpha Runecrafter worked for me when I was crafting runes. Craft fire runes, they're pretty expensive last I checked.
  3. Any kind of runes that are in demand; fire runes. Make thousands of em.
  4. Ok thanks
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    Making about 150-160k per hour anyone got any ideas how to make the game use less cpu? its using like way too much and I think its just Runescape or something
  5. Try setting the graphics to lower.
    Also RuneMate seems to use more cpu then EpicBot and other such bots, I'm not sure why but my guess is becuse of cloud computering.
    Any how its way safer than other bots so I'd still reccomend you use it.

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