Moneymaking Strategies after getting 14 day mem from bond?

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  1. The title says it all.

    Does anyone have any solid moneymaking strategies for buying more bonds once they receive membership?

    Also, first skills to be trained???

    Trying to plan it out :D

    For anyone stats are all low...see attached image.

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  3. I don't know what type of account you're going for, but if a main I'd do something like WC/Fishing to make a quick buck before going for training combat stats.
  4. Ah okay okay...I didn't know that woodcutting is still good for making money. Thank you sir :)
  5. I wouldn't call it great, but it makes a buck if you don't have any skills yet. :)
  6. Isn't flax to bowstrings insanely good money in RS3 due to the lack of botters?
  7. well, "insane" is overrated, but it is not a bad way :)
  8. Picking flax all day erry day.
  9. Slayer creatures drop a fair amount of herbs... maybe do some slayer trianing
  10. ahhhhh very interesting suggestions guys! Thank you so much! :)
  11. I just have 2 f2p accounts making tarromin pots unf, makes a pretty decent f2p profit and with that you can buy bonds and trade them to your main, could also get a scroll of cleansing and make certain pots which profits range from about 400k-1m an hour
  12. you can trade a bond from one f2p account to another? Wouldn't the trade limit come into play there????
  13. the trade limit doesnt occur with bonds
  14. You're 100% sure on that right? :O That's spectacular if that's the case!
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 28, 2015, Original Post Date: Jun 28, 2015 --- do you intend to buy bonds using F2P accounts? Once you buy them from the G.E., then they are no longer trade-able.

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  15. when u buy them off the ge, you pay a fee of like 900k to make them tradeable again, ive already done this with 4 bonds to get the summer special
  16. How and where do you go to make them tradeable again?
  17. you right click them and click convert i believe it was and you can make them tradeable again
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  18. OMG Thank you! I love you man! :D
  19. i just sit in world 2 GE with the bot on so i dont look suspicious and i go unnoticed
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    looks like theres not much tarromin in supply atm so probably going to wait until their restocked in the GE by people if you choose to do that, buying limit is 10k for vials of water and herb btw
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