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Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Jonesy, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. As I mentioned before this site has an amazing feel to it, the themes are very modern. There is one thing letting the site down though, that being Subforums.

    More specifically, the bot section has no subforums. Just a heap of pages full of different bots- which are looking good! The ease of finding the right bot is harder than it should be. To find a certain bot you may have to go through 3 pages before find it.

    My suggestion is that it should go a bit like this, just to make it easier for everyone ;)

    Bots>Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape> Then something a bit like this: (image attached below)


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  2. We should be using the Bot Store to find bots, not the forums. The Bots forum is purely for bot feedback, and navigation to the particular feedback thread should be done through the Bot Store.
  3. I would do, but no bots show up in the bot store for me. I am on a phone, may be the reason.
  4. Should not be an issue. What browser are you using on your phone? I'll check compatibility.
  5. Safari, I'll see if it works on chrome though. Forums come up fine on safari, it's just the bot store.

    Doesn't work on chrome either. Fyi it loads, but nothing comes up. Just keeps refreshing.
  6. Can confirm it doesn't work on my iPhone.
  7. You can request desktop site and it will work. It's a pain though.
  8. *cough* Apple.

    afaik Apple does not allow people to make their own browsers on iOS, so Chrome (and every other browser) is just a reskinned Safari.

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