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  1. What's the most RSGP you've bought before, and why?
  2. At once or over a period of time?
  3. I guess over a period time! Or both ;o
  4. I bought 80M in a day once - diced it up to 300M and sold 100M back to break even. Subsequently lost the other 220M+.
  5. bought a santa hat back in the day when they were 130m :p
  6. Bought like 4B to fund my skiller.
  7. How much was that lol
  8. Bought 3m osrs, staked up to 400m. Got em full bandos, ags, dfs etc.. for a bandos trip. However, I didn't get any drops so i went and yolo staked it all.

    Bottom line is that I like to keep in-game and irl separate. Rather spend the money on food doe.
  9. i sold 7B rs3 and 2b osrs if that counts
  10. like $1000 or so.
  11. dude lol ;o
  12. I bought 300-400m for getting nice gear on my main. Drygores etc. Now it's just sitting there since I started a fresh OSRS account.

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