OSRS Motherload mine

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by jaxy101, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Title says it all. Mining bot at motherload bot would be really nice.
    Depending at how good the bot is, I would pay for it,
  2. Work in progress for me... I've had a lot of help but still can't get it down. Just so you know your request isn't unnoticed.
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  3. anything you need that i can offer, call me <3
  4. I didnt need anything. All i can say is get ready!!! :D
    I pushed an update of Mining Dawg -> Mining Dawg

    When you see that version (0.4.0) is out, Motherlode Mine will be one of the locations to choose from :p

    Be aware that since this is the first release, it will be bugged and slow. I have been testing for the past 6 hours and debugging, but i am certain i wont get everything! Please do not kill me if it doesnt work also.

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