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  1. on the client when its resized, the cursor doesnt correspond where its going to click, the action occurs serveral inches above the cursor, in the pic the dot is where the mouse is at, the highlighted window is where its going to click (occurs while the mouse is below the halfway point of the bot screen)
  2. I've noticed this happen as well, it only happens for me when the client is resized but the game itself doesn't (login screen, legacy etc.) It doesn't seem to affect bots or anything, but it still throws me off a bit.

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  3. Can you try to find a consistent way to reproduce it? If you can do that, I can quickly patch this up :)
  4. go rs3, go to login screen, full screen
  5. it also bypasses the mouse disable, and you can click the top half of the screen

  6. I have this alot, that cuz Runescape is loaded in fixed, while the client goes to resized or the other way around :p it is kinda annoying but when you log in, it is fixed 99% of the time
  7. for me it never fixed it self even in game
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    update- issue seems to be fixed thanks ;D
  8. It hasn't been fixed yet o_O
  9. issue randomly started for me a week back or 2, and now its gone 0_0
  10. This is true @Cloud , The error is random. it does not always happen :s
  11. that's why i find it so weird, it happened everyday for a week or so, and now its gone /possibly because i reinstalled java but cant confirm it was the solution ->>> nvm its back today
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  12. No that is not the solution :p
  13. I have this issue everytime I start on one of my computers. Its because runescape defaults to fixed mode instead of resize mode. Just going into the runescape settings and clicking the resized mode fixes it for me

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