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  1. Hello, today i tried out RuneMate and it's really good, but i have one problem. RuneMate's mouse is lagging, like its stuttering and sometimes jumping from one point to another, its very unhuman behaviour. For example if i run MassFighter mouse just laggs and sometimes jumps from one point of the screen to another.
    P.S: It gives me no error log, so i can't post anything :/
    edit 1: Whole client seems to run at 20fps :/
  2. Is the game itself lagging?
  3. it seems so. It runs at max 30fps.
    Pc details:
    CPU: i7-2630qm
    GPU: nvidia gt540m
    RAM: 8gb
    Rs details:
    Everything on low, except cpu option: max cpu usage, graphics engine: opengl.

    even tried to allocate more ram: [​IMG]
    edit 1: It seems that it used my integrated gpu instead of dedicated, now rs runs at 60fps, but mouse lag is still there.
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  4. Is your client in resizable mode? If so, try changing it to 800x600.
  5. Settings: [​IMG]
    Yet my mouse still lags :/
  6. Change resizable to fixed.
  7. Tried that. Mouse still lags. Do you want to check it via teamviewer maybe?
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  8. Even though it appears the mouse is jumping, behind the scenes it's still acting properly and moving the way it should be. Regarding the client lag, I currently don't have any advice for that. I need to look further into it at a later time.
  9. Strangely it doesn't lag with my custom made scripts bots :/ But it lagged as hell with massfighter and few others
  10. Then it's likely that the scripts bots you were using weren't very efficient.

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