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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Natfoth, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. I am having issues not just with my own bots but with a lot of the bots where if the mouse just happens to be over an object named the same it will just click it instead of actually moving to the closets one. For example I am chopping Everfree trees and it will select a tree to chop and move the mouse up. But it will happen to hover over a tree thats far away but since the name + interaction match it will just click instead of moving to a closer tree. Adding an Object.hover() does not help fix that either.

    I have noticed a lot of scripts bots that have issues with this behavior. Alpha Agility where it will get stuck on the tight rope because the mouse is hovering over the wrong side, or when you climb over the fence it will just happen to be over the pipe so it will attempt to use the pipe on the wrong side.

    There is also an issue with the honeycomb picking because the camera will angle and then the mouse just starts picking whatever the mouse happens to be on.

    In my script bot I ended up having to make it move the mouse before it clicks everytime so that it would actually move to the correct tree everytime because it was just running all over the place.




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    Post #9 by Natfoth, Aug 2, 2015
  3. I doubt the problem is in the same name and action

    But maybe the model of the tree is a little bigger than the tree itself and when it is clicked it acctually clicks onto the one in the back
  4. No that is not the case, the objects are not even close to where it needs to click. The behavior is very easy to replicate using any bot.
  5. Did you check how the models look in the dev tool?

    Open dev tool, select the tree you want to interact with and scrrenshot how the model "white thing across tree" looks like
  6. Yes. By not even close to correct tree. I mean its not even close, its not a misclick. If happens to be over another tree it clicks it, the mouse doesnt even move at all.

  7. Oh i see. You are right. Cloud will have tonlook at it
  8. I noticed this too @Cloud
  9. While i could be wrong, i'm thinking this is somehow related to Playersense @Cloud
  10. This has been fixed in the latest update. Thanks @Cloud!

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