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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by PuppyLover101, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. While botting, i minimize both RuneMate and my RS Client. Everythings fine except my mouse gitters quite a bit. I notice this happens whenever the bot moves the mouse IN GAME and so my mouse freezes for a bit. This really sucks in day to day tasks and especially when im gaming aswell..

    For example, I was playing League & CSGO and my 5 bots were opened at the same time. I was moving my mouse to the side and it froze for a second and then went to the side. It keeps happening like this ;\ The same problem happens with only 1 bot aswell..

    Thanks :)

  2. Had this happen as well. Recently formatted my computer tho and ever since it has stopped. Not sure what the cause is.
  3. Seems to happen with high CPU loads, wouldn't say that's a runemate bug though. What bots are you using while this happens?
  4. Nah, my cpu is only at 30% tops. I'm using alpha fighter, quality div, herblore 666, and my private bot. I'm almost certain it's not my cpu or w/e.
  5. This has nothing to do with CPU, RuneMate is taking the "focus" from the other programs you are using and taking control of your mouse. If you spam click on another program for like 15 seconds it should reshift focus.
  6. I believe Minimizing runescape by clicking the runescape icon on your Taskbar will fix this. Though I am not sure.
  7. Happens to me only when using Maxibots(?)
  8. There's nothing special about my bots to make them request focus. You just haven't noticed it happen with other bots.
  9. Might just be that you are the only one with working herby/fletching on rs3, is it because of focus requests?
  10. For some reason the game requests focus when trying to interact with things afaik. Some people have reported that minimising the game via the icon in the taskbar fixes this, others said that didn't work but using minimise to tray applications like RBTray worked for them. Searching the forums would have lead you to finding these things in a previous thread on the issue.

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