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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Exia, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. I'm having an interesting bug where the mouse is not clicking. I was thinking that it may have been because I was spam clicking and the clouse recorded it and set the Mouse click length to too low of a value, but I deleted my mouse cache files and the problem still persists.

    The code I have simplifies to this:
    Code (Text):
    2. boolean clicked = rock.interact("Mine");
    3. blah blah blah
    4. if(clicked)next.hover();
    The mouse is moving to the rock object, pauses then proceeds to hover next without clicking the rock. I can tell it's not clicking because no red or yellow interaction X appears.
  2. Does it occur every single time?
  3. No, maybe 10-15% of the time.
  4. Does it eventually recover?
  5. My script bot handles the missclick, but it happens throughout the run time of the script bot.
  6. through and getanim !=-1 before hovering in also
  7. My script bot can deal with it, it re clicks just about right away, it just loses a game tick when it happens. I can work around the problem, but there shouldn't be a problem in the first place.

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