Mouse#startIdle() and Mouse#stopIdle()

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  1. These would be functions that could be used to start and stop mouse idling. This would obviously be hooked into player sense, but it could do things like slight movements, moving off screen, or some of the jittering movements that I know some people make while waiting for some event to happen in RS.
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  2. I like this ide a lot I feel it would help with keeping bans low
  3. I support this idea.
  4. This ties in very well with the idea @Eagles13 had with allowing devs to have a method to tell the client that it's safe to idle for a set duration where control is deferred (to the client to potentially do PlayerSense'd antiban). Something along the lines of PlayerSense.idle(5 *ms*). That way devs can lower bans without trying to implement their own anti-ban during longer activities like potion making or fletching.
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    Alternatively we can assume that all sleeps are idle states that the client can do certain actions during with an optional boolean flag that force prevents deferring control.
  5. Taking advantage of Execution.delay sleeps is a pretty good idea, if done properly...
  6. What would you suggest to do it properly? Delay until condition met?
  7. I'm not sure this is a good idea, I think scripters should have at least some option to make actual sleeping happen.

    Also, I think idling for longer periods of time (> 10 min) could actually logout to the lobby or something.
  8. That's what the optional (new) flag would do. It would allow the dev not to defer control if the use case demands it.
  9. By default I'd make it not give us control, they would have to pass in an extra flag saying it's safe.
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  10. Do not like as most scenarios are "safe" and those dealing with potentially dangerous situations would be expected to read the documentation to know how to use the flag. Otherwise this feature will not be used nearly enough.
  11. I would rather be conservative and have predictable behavior while educating our bot authors on how to best use the api.
  12. I'd vote for enabled by default if it is just mouse movement, but if it handles things like checking stats, looking up stat advancements or equipment, then I would say have a flag.

    I also like the idea of having three states:
    1) Off - Full control to script bot
    2) On Light - Direct control is with the script bot, but the client may do things that are passive (camera, mouse jitters but not full movement)
    3) On Full - Full control can be in the hands of the client.

    Have light be enabled by default then just take in a boolean for off or fully on. Additionally, for longer rests, larger mouse movements can be used so long as the mouse is moved back to the original location at the end of the sleep.

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