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  1. Haxx91

    Sep 26, 2015
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    I have a couple questions regarding muling your gold stocks on a non botted account on it's own proxy.

    A. Won't this mule be an obvious RMT flag and get banned as well, especially when associated with a ton of bot accounts?

    B. Wouldn't this mule be the missing link between all your bots? Even if they're on different IPs they could easily be linked and chainbanned just based on the fact that they all traded their gold to this mule on the daily, is this right?

    C. Is muling safer than keeping gold on the farming accounts and just selling it often (obviously just selling with the accounts that you farm the gold on)?
  2. moneyblades

    May 16, 2015
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    I've done this a bit and from my experience it better to mule on a trained account, don't make a level 3, train nothing, do nothing and just hoard wealth. I personally got about 60 quest points and around 1k total for my mule and I've never had a problem. Just be careful with it and try to make the trades seem legitimate, ex: When putting gold onto the account have the mule trade over a few random junk items like logs, fish, flax, runes, arrows, etc etc as this will prevent a red flag from jagex.

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