RS3 Multi Proggy Thread [All Skills & Money making etc]

Discussion in 'Goals' started by sn0wbit, May 2, 2015.

  1. Since i see alot of proggies uploaded in the bot threads all over, i thought it was time to get some proggies on the table, and make a big collection.

    This thread accepts all kinds of proggies, so if you made a butt load of cash, brag about it on this thread.
    Have fun :)

    02-05-2015 / Celestial Runespan [Level 55]

    [Level 57]
    [Level 61]
    [Level 63]
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  2. Not big but since i make like 1m/h is good.
  3. [​IMG] The best proggy I've had so far:
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  4. seems like I have to do the quest to do these dwarves LOL
  5. Where is this located?
  6. thids
  7. Those were Fungal Mage on my collector account a few months back when Potato Cactus was ~4k. They were about 1.5m/h but I did them on 4 accounts and this one to collect making it 4x1.5=6m/h. They are about 600k-/h now though ;(.

    Haven't really used MassFighter ever since because I can't find a good spot to ;(.

    ''Dwarves'' Was related to the workers that I used, dressed up as lil dwarves ;)
  8. I see, u know that I know, gg lol. I won't tell tho ;)
  9. [​IMG]
    One of my best proggy's, but now the client keeps freezing so i don't have anymore of these. :(

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