My 5 year + Vet. on Runescape... was banned :/

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  1. Chudyie... was it's name. And it's banned now... :p

    It's the only account that I remember... from longer than half a decade ago... and now it's banned..

    I was botting BTWoodcutter. Oh well.. lol. That's what I get.

    Advice: If you have a main account that you love, DO NOT BOT.

    How long did I bot you ask? Well.. I left it for about 5+ hours on yews at the location a little below Falador. I've been using this site on it for about a week... but the time definitely differs. I did'n't suicide bot.... I just botted at casual pace. (Can you bot at a casual pace?)

    Hmm... yea... So people will say that it's because I botted for such a loong amount of time, but that's not the only reason. The Random Events, (if you are on 07) is what helps them BIG time to track down bots..

    Don't bot 5+ hours, not answering at least the 5 random events you get... you'll get noticed FAST.

    I'm not too mad since I have a alt that botted the same as my main...

    LOL. You do not want one of your old accounts GONE. PLEASE. BE CAREFUL. Random Events matter! (07)


    I just want everyone to know that if we can't leave a bot running with botsitting it... what's the point of botting? Please, if you're going to tell me that I shouldn't have let it run for such a long time, you're dumb... because that's the point of botting... we do it at a great risk.
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  2. ummm 5 hours is not that big job, the problem is in what you were botting, woodcutting is very high ban rate but you are still ver unlucky
    and the new advice is: stay cool and bot another one
  3. I risked it too, got my main temporarily banned which sucked and now I can't bot on it again without pretty much agreeing to a perm. Not botting pretty much is a perm though, as there's no way I can play the game legit.

    Sorry you lost your account :/
  4. How are you guys even getting banned.

    I couldn't get banned if I went into Mod Mark's FC 2 times a day announcing I'm botting.
  5. WCing's normal bot spots are heavily watched. I use BT woodcutter's to cut yews in spots most people aren't, and I don't get banned unless it fucks up somehow. I'm still waiting on @Defeat3d's bot that he talked about here - which would cut down on bans by a MASSIVE amount cause you'd be able to customize where you're wcing instead of using all the preset bot locations that are just asking to be banned by using.
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  6. I've been 23 hour botting hunter, div, and woodcutting soooo.
  7. Sucks to suck
  8. 07 + botting WC + casual place = GG.
  9. My roomate got finally got banned. And it got my account banned: a 10 year vet cape that used to be a player mod. Insta banned on login, hadn't even botted it yet lol.
  10. "10 year vet cape that used to be a player mod. Insta bannged on login"

    Either this is like slightly exaggerated or that is a tragic mess
  11. Well, he botted a different account 24/7 and some how didn't get banned for nearly 2 months. I botted for like an hour or two on that account testing scripts bots, logged out for a week. I logged in, my roomate walks over and said "welp, I finally got banned". Like 2 minutes later I got the macroing detected pop up and banned while doing my treasure hunter.
  12. What is a macroing detected pop up?
  13. [​IMG]
    I don't think it was exactly this one. I think the big letters said "Macroing Detected" and there was a different image, but it's basically what I got.
  14. lmao, sorry to hear
  15. OMG.

    WTF Jagex? This is tragic and embarrassing on their end. Too extreme.
  16. Meh, I'm over it, I technically botted on the account, and I can just make a new one. That was my second 10 year account to get banned lol. I just don't give enough fucks about this game to be concerned with it.
  17. You're on EOC. Seems to be a lot easier to bot there than 07.
  18. Yup, can relate.

    Rip 2,500+ total <3

    Time to start again ^_^
  19. Use RSbot if you really want to get banned.
  20. Well the higher level you are the more likely it is to get banned.

    I've had mates who run this 24/7 and get banned after 2400+ only

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