My botting progress in Hunting at RS3

Discussion in 'Goals' started by LucasSousa, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, this is my character botting, I'm so scared for ban 'cause it's my main acc but, for now, I don't got alerts.

    Special thanks to Defeat3d to release this hunting bot.

    See you after.

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  2. Enjoy!
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  3. Best of luck! Have some faith in RuneMate, best bot I have ever used!
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  4. Good luck! Bot hard or go home noob :D
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  5. Good luck. If you need some guidelines for botting safely, look here.
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  6. Wish you good luck man, support!
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  7. Lol "I'm so scared for ban..." you're running the bot for almost 9 hours doe... Anyways, good luck with 99 hunter!:)
  8. Hope you get 99 ;)
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