My first real attempt at redrawing

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  1. So I came across this image while reading Knights of Sidonia:
    And since I have a vertical monitor, I thought that it would make a kickass background, so this is what I made:
    It's a bit larger than the original and I had to redraw the left leg and some of the smoke around the right leg after removing the kanji. I also tweaked the background a bit so it seems a bit more balanced to me as well as adding a touch of color.

    I'm looking for some feedback on any places that you think could be improved.
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  2. When u say Sidonia:


    OT: I'm not an artist but I really think you've done a great job!
  3. Sidonia top lel
    Nicely drawn, though.
  4. So, after having this as the background on my phone for a couple of days, I thought it felt a little bit unbalanced so I shifted the whole image down 300 pixels or so. I had to redraw the main backpack and the rifle barrel as well as some more of the smoke. What do you guys think?

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