My Plan To Make RuneMate Better.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Clear, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. So, I have a vBulletin license, which I've had for quite some time, but haven't utilized it yet.
    It's the newest vB 5.1x and vB 4.8x (which is my preference). What I would like to do, is make the forums more than just a botting forums, and add some more general discussion areas, as opposed to just one topic for it. I'd like to broaden the site a little bit, so that people who may not necessarily be into botting, but looking for a community to settle in. If you read my introduction, I'm also a graphics designer, so I could provide you guys with userbars or other things you may be interested in.

    To me, the forums just seem a little bland, I guess. And I think we can make this site look so much more better, imo. Just a suggestion. Feel free to let me know if you're interested. Thanks
  2. Clear, i have been hunting for a good web designer.
  3. Arbiter most likely has a vBulletin license already.
  4. Meh, I've never liked vBulletin and I really enjoy these forums over those.
  5. Sounds good, contact @Arbiter about it :)
  6. I've always enjoyed vB, let's see what @Arbiter thinks. ;)
  7. @Arbiter @Cloud thank me, I'm the one who brought him here thanks to my excellent advertising <3
  8. Hey Clear. Welcome to RuneMate! I am so glad you're keen on helping us out. We could definitely use your expertise. I would like to hear more about your ideas for broadening the forums and any graphics you think could be improved. As far as forum software goes, we use XenForo and are quite happy with its performance, but I appreciate the offer regardless.
  9. I'd like to possibly make some more advanced userbars. Even if they were still simplistic, this is a little excessive. And, yeah man. I'd definitely like the forumt to be more general to make the community closer with more things. I'd think of what to say, but it's late. If interested, let me know :)

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