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    This is my antipattern system, read the documentation for information or ask in this thread.

    This system calls antipatterns after a scheduled amount of time, you just create your Antipattern class and extend AntipatternTask. In your class you can define multiple runnables and add them to the actions list via method call in your constructor.

    When one action is called, it sleeps in a seperate thread for an amount of time you can set or use the standard duration. There is a short and a long duration, mostly it will sleep the short duration.

    When finished, simply add a new instance of your antipattern class to the tasklist.

    Please note that it is insufficient to only rely on this system, you should also go ahead and add some bot related antipatterns aswell, for example move the camera in the direction of the traversal destination when walking etc.

    Feel free to give me a feedback about this and tell me what you would want me to improve and if you would use this system! :)
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  2. Good job bro I like it :)
  3. Thank you! :)
  4. these 'antipatterns' will form a recognizable pattern over time, I don't think it'll have much effect.
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  5. Unfortunately dog_ is right. The best antipattern is simply human like behavior which means don't always go after the absolute nearest npc, don't leave your mouse sitting there doing nothing for 10 seconds while you're cutting a tree (take it offscreen or do something else with it), but most importantly don't do anything the same way time after time. Humans are always doing different things but these things are usually not extreme.
  6. As I said, this can not replace bot related actions, but it is good for things human do repetitively, like checking xp or so
  7. The system is good for certain things, just realize that doing it consistently for hours on end will eventually establish a pattern in itself. Perhaps you should consider dynamically adjusting the frequencies that things are activating and such.
  8. maybe if it was completely different for every account it'd be decent.
  9. Good idea, on one bot I am using a kind of tiring system that will increase the interaction delay based on the runtime, I could add this to this antipattern system aswell :)
  10. I like that idea, certainly happens to me if I play for long periods.
  11. My fletcher on powerbot had a pretty neat antipattern, and I never got ban complaints.

    It was a combination of misclicks, randomized banking, breaking, afk, skill hovering, delayed reaction times, and right click banker while character is still fletching.
  12. Bot related antipattern Repetitive antipattern

    Thats what i mean
    even how it hovers the skill can be set randomly at the beginning of the bot
  13. It was very randomized. Every time it executed one of those task, it would change the interval/duration.

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