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Make bank in DMM!

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    NatureThiever - Make bank in DMM!

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  2. The looting of the other chest is a nice touch when waiting for the nature chest.
  3. not bad a few different things can be tweaed like the timing, also i never get anything out of the second chest so can u add a option to disable that
  4. The other chest is empty, the reason is walks over is when the first chest is looted it becomes invalid, it always returns to the first chest before the next Nature spawn inside it but I can filter it if it's really necessary!

    As above, the other chest is empty I believe, I don't think I've ever received a nat from the other one :p

    I could be wrong, test it out yourself and let me know here :)
  5. Doesn't work anymore for me lol...
  6. Is there a way to make it get rid of random events?
  7. Just standing there doing nothing sadly...
  8. Doesn't work anymore
  9. Can you post logs please?


    Will investigate now.
  10. attached

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  11. time to test it out
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    works now!
  12. dosent work for me at all
  13. you must have the old version, download the new one
  14. Logs please mate, other users reporting that it works fine.

    Is profit calculation working correctly?
  15. Works again for me many thanks !

  16. yes its working fine

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