RS3 Near comp, 2595/2705 - 700M Xp 4 sale.

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    Nov 6, 2015
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    Hey there guys,

    Selling my Nearly comped main today, why u may ask? well i quitted rs and have no time to play anymore due to personal life and my businiss. i am not planning to play ever again and want to make someone else happy with this addiction called Runescape.

    Account details:

    • 9 Yrs old almost 10 yr vet,
    • User name login,
    • No authenticator or jag set Only email, will be switched to buyer.
    • Hand trained.

    Main things to mention about the account:

    • It is nearly comp ( check screen down below), only a few quests, 1 task and 3/400k points at livid until comp
    • The defeater title and loads more
    • account never been botted and always same owner and email no recoveries set.
    • It has 114 str/110 hp/105slay/107fm/113 thiev and all skills 20M+ some 50M+
    • account has 28M bonus xp, and silverhawk boot and spring cleaner and lots of the xp bonus outfits all except the golems.
    • it has 400 supreme ovls, tetsu/death lotus, and almost sea singer
    • and bloodfury and soul necklace. and loads of random stuff..
    • the bank is organised, it has many untradable items such as auras,
    • tons of sgs outfits, atleast 70+ including the expensive ones atleast $1200 Spend in cosmetics..
    • almost all Treasure hunter promo items except from the last few weeks.
    • the account has no black marks
    • no jag nor authenticator and no recoveries
    • i am the original owner of the account and created it ( i have creation date and isp and all other info for the buyer.
    • loads of boss & slayer creature kills
    • well known Rs name and very well known in the dutch and belgium community's been a clan leader for 4 years. is currently in a English elite Pvm clan.

    Upon purchase the buyer will receive:

    • All information i have since the day i started playing including
    • Payment details,
    • Creation isp
    • account always been on the same email,
    • Every tiny bit of information you want and need comes with it!

    Price: A/W 400$ Open for offers ofc!

    Current offer: $







    we will use a trusted MM or VMM, fees for the buyer.

    please feel free to bid some offer below, otherwise, message me on here or ask me for my Skype.

    Thanks and happy bidding :D

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