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    Hi all!

    I started playing RS in '06-'07 and stopped in '13, but now I'm back. I have a few questions for you guys about RS in general and botting. You can reading the following or scroll to the bottom of this post.

    First: Not sure if I wanna play OSRS or RS3. I'm super into PvM, questing, and skilling, which makes me lean toward RS3, but I don't like the new combat system and interface (everything feels cluttered), but I'll probably get used to it. However, I've heard that RS3 isn't nearly as lively and new overly-OP gear keeps getting introduced. What do you guys I think? Just tell me whether you think RS3/OSRS would be the most fun based on my interests.

    Second: How safe is botting currently? How many hours is a safe amount to bot per day on my main / gold farmers (assuming I'm using decent bots)? Should I be botting on my main at all?

    Third: If you know of any comprehensive bot development resources, I'd greatly appreciate them! I know Java but have not done anything like this.

    Fourth: I actually did most of my playing on my friend's account, because my parent's refused to pay for membership and I was just a kid. His account was essentially mine because I literally achieved 100% of its progress. So now I want to become a member again, but am unsure if I should do this on my friend's account, or on my own, MUCH shittier main. Downside of doing it on his account is that I do not have access to his email nor will I be able to get it, and for that reason I can never change the password. What do you guys think I should do?

    tldr; OSRS vs. RS3, botting safety, botting dev, account dilemma
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    Make a new Account, RS3 is the way to go if you want carefree botting. You can do 24/7 botting for a few weeks without ban.
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    This, it's actually fun to start over and see the progress!

    Along side you won't risk your main.
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