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Discussion in 'General' started by EpicBas, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. So i got hacked overnight and lost all my money and stuff what would be a good way to get some starting cash?
  2. RS3 or OSRS?
  3. RS3, now killing dark beasts since i still got warpriest and a crystal bow.
  4. What cb are you?
    If high I would suggest QBD, frost dragons or muspahs or so, if low or mid, try blue dragons
  5. CB 134, but never done QBD but can try it though.
  6. If you've never done QBD its gonna be hard for you but don't worry about it just keep doing it. Also, I would do frosts until you have enough money for better gear or something because it would help out a lot. One more thing, is your crystal bow the t70 one or is it attuned?
  7. attuned one, also got lucky sara sword. But doing frost atm.
  8. Attuned one is good so QBD shouldn't be as hard and I would probably try it. Do you have yak or war tort?
  9. 88 summ so tort or unicorn.
  10. Use tort for rocktails or whatever food you want but bring a uni pouch and some scrolls to get maybe 1 more kill a trip.
  11. Nice! QBD is really good for cash and just keep doing it. Do you have super antifires or overloads?
  12. I have super anitfires and only 90 herblore but i can boost for extreme range. But is mainly use super warmaster potion.
  13. Overloads are better since they have defence boost too but just try and make money for 91 herblore doing prayer pots(pretty cheap) and make some overloads.
  14. Frosts with magic notepapers.
    Zammy GWD boss.
    Slayer/Rune dragons preferred + extended task.

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