RS3 Need Cure Livid + Fertilize Private Bot. ASAP. Paying well.

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Zombie Goku, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. This is sad and truly absurd. I have tried using the Livid Farm bot and it is so inconsistent with PICKING THE CORRECT LIVID that it is not even worth it.

    I've tried using a different bot and the same crap.

    Is it that hard to code a reliable bot that ONLY correctly Cures Livids + Fertilize?

    I am willing to purchase a Private bot from anyone who can do it.

    I am freaking 97 - 99, I don't have time to play, and I can't find a reliable bot to save my freaking life.

    Please and Thank you.
  2. must be if you cant do it ;)
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  3. Lol leecher prick.

    If you can't appreciate to report bugs and instead just complain about how bad something is, you don't deserve to be listened to.

    Write your own bot if you want it that bad.
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  4. Absolutely not, so go ahead and make one :)
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  5. Ah leechers,
    maybe post what's wrong with it on the thread?
    Also it works fine for me.
  6. I love how much hate this got. I'm already working to help Alpha "fix" the livid farm bot he wrote. So leecher? No. Person looking for a custom bot? Yes.

    Just because someone isn't a programmer doesn't make them a leecher, Go ahead to the bot thread and see my support.

    Still looking.

    (I love how poor this community can be and at the same time has so many good people too. But so many people ready to flame for no reason)
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    The issue with the bot is that it seems to break for every other user. That is what is trying to be pinned down. In the mean time, I'm looking for a replacement. Never know, the replacement may help figure out why it glitches for some and not others.

    Also, when this was posted on a script bot/bot request thread it got no hate. Probably because there is nothing wrong with wanting to purchase a private script bot if another isnt working for you.

    That's like someone buying a car, doesn't like how it drives, and wants to buy a new one. So you tell the person go learn how to make a car?

    Either way. I got a PM from someone willing to help. Would you look at that; Someone who gets it.
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    Boom! Sent me a SIMBA script bot that works fucking perfect. Guess im done with this shitty fucking community. I hope you all die in your sleep.
  7. Delusional kiddo, good riddance.
  8. Use Alpha Fighter with Seedicide @ Aquanites, that should be around 100k farming exp/hr. If you need thaler, idle at any minigame overnight.

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