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Discussion in 'RS3' started by Dryrr, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Hey all,

    I am currently suicide botting a f2p account to get 99 in all melee stats..
    however i dont know better training spots where i dont need to bank in like.. 8-10hrs straight.
    so i am looking for spots where i can bot for 8-10 hrs straight with 28 lobsters.

    current stats 50/75/50.

    also recommendations on ways to level up skills?

    Pascal // Dryrr
  2. DRS (Deadly Red Spiders).
  3. isnt bottable since they hit too hard and i will need to bank very often?
  4. Nvm, get a good armour with that healing ability.
  5. Once you hit 70 def, go dharok DRS with low hp/legacy mode. It's good xp, as you will most likely end up one-hitting them. Before that though; go kill abbys monsters.
  6. dharok in f2p?
  7. Sorry, I forgot :/ I trained my other account with dharok's there... Anyways, it's a good spot to lvl up. If you want some other spots, then Moss Giants/Giant Spiders/Flesh crawlers are decent xp. Flesh crawlers would be, in my opinion, the best place for you if you don't want to bank.
  8. im currently doing 40k exp an hr including HP. should i be happy with that result? stats are now 70/75/50 atm
  9. I think that's decent considering it's f2p. One question: why don't you go p2p instead?:p
  10. since i am not a player with 300m bank so its silly to buy membership for my second account :p especially since bonds are 10m ea atm...
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  11. You could just bot some decent money making in order to get the money "back." That might be easier said than done as I myself yolo'd my way up to 6b before buying 3 months of bonds on 2 accounts:) semi-cleaned after I got bug abused...-.-
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  12. I'm trying to do this. it doesn't seem too easy as you think, unless you're suiciding.
  13. im working on 96 divination on my main so i can get that 6m an hr with transmuting (with 2 ticking)
  14. You don't need to suicide in order to earn cash. Just find a smart and creative way to earn money using bots. It really isn't that hard if you know how to RuneScape.
    An easier option would be to flip rather than spending money on bonds...

    You might as well go for NMZ hosting and swap over cash to RS3. However, that would be without any high-lvl skills on RS3.
  15. Ankou - 80k/hr - 150k/hr. You're welcome.
  16. I've tried there using mass fighter, but it stucks there every 10 minute cuz rooms are too small. if you tried it can you gimme a hint so I won't get stucked there?:\
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  17. turn the area space down.............
  18. I've tried but invain. the bot stucks when it tries to switch the camera and fails to switch it back anywhere again. here's a picture of what I'm suffering from. [​IMG]
  19. make it like 5, always worked for me

    @Ozzy any idea?

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