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  1. Hey guys,
    My main got banned about 4 months back, lost all motivation to play, so took a little break. But now I'm thinking of starting up again with a new account. I'm just very confused on where to start, what do I bot first, what skill do I go for first, should I get members or stay f2p until i get better stats etc. Also, is it more risky to bot on OSRS or RS3?

    Any help will be awesome.


    P.S. my goal for this account is be an all around account with all skills at a decent level.
  2. In most people's experience, it's way riskier to bot on OSRS.
  3. Start with combat skills on rs3
  4. bot with alpha fighter 1-40 goblins 40-80 fungal mages 80+bot slayer tasks. after 3 weeks bot everything to 99. ???????????? profit.
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    Thats for magic btw. cuz magic has utility + cb
  5. If you plan on making a main on RS3 and intend to do quests, I'd highly recommend starting off getting 75/80 Divination for Fate of the Gods + Within the Light quests. You really don't want to bot up a good main then realize later when you have gotten several 99s that you need to bot Divination to do those quests, a skill very easy to get banned botting. It sucks risking a good main doing a highly watched activity!

    That's what I'm doing with my alt account at least. 75 Divi atm, hoping I can get 80 without a ban.
  6. Make 30 accs, get divi up, make BANK. Then start playing legit, just like i did ;)
  7. Can confirm, this is what I did as well.

    Ontopic: Create the account and do the waterfall quest, after that you've got 30/30 atk/str, which is a decent start.
  8. Lol, everyone be doing div now:eek:
  9. This is quite worrying honestly lol.
    (Big image.)

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