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    HM for all this quests?

    Bringing Home the Bacon
    Call of the Ancestors
    Clock Tower
    Death Plateau
    Eagles' Peak
    Ernest the Chicken
    Fishing Contest
    Gunnar's Ground
    Hazeel Cult
    Let Them Eat Pie
    Missing, Presumed Death
    Monk's Friend
    Murder Mystery
    Observatory Quest
    One Piercing Note
    Perils of Ice Mountain
    Pirate's Treasure
    Plague City
    Priest in Peril
    Recruitment Drive
    Rag and Bone Man
    Rune Mechanics
    Sheep Herder
    Song from the Depths
    Swept Away
    Tale of the Muspah
    The Elemental Workshop I
    Tower of Life
    Vampyre Slayer
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