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  1. Don't want to be that guy, but you botted two skills that are completely irrelevant at that level. It would be different if you suicide botted for 6 hours woodcutting. You wont be caught in the first 6-8 hours botting those two skills at low levels.
  2. I am working on day 2, botting the same skills m8 :)
  3. Think he means that this is the start of the "project", don't think he's trying to show off :p
  4. Good luck m9
  5. Just botting for the hell of it right now, Going to hit 99 rc, On osrs soon, live on stream within the next day or so.

    Then I am going to start a series called EXTREMES ROAD TO MAX VIA RUNEMATE.
  6. you goin to blur out name or nah? lol gl getting 99
  7. I think he edited the image with

    I hope. O.O
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  8. he didnt lmfao i looked it up
  9. I'll edit my comment then. Don't want that to remain when he fixes it.
  10. fuck blurring out the name Nah its cool
  11. Pulling attention to runemate is a wonderful idea, you should roll with that.
  12. U CANT TELL THIS IS runemate :) Thats the catch :)
  13. "A series called extremes road to max via runemate" you're right they'll be baffled.
  14. its not going to be live on twitch that was a joke man :)

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