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  1. I have upgraded and i downloaded the bot

    few questions

    1. How do I stop recurring fee?

    2. when I open the bot do I enter my runescape name & password?

    3. Where do I login to the bot with my runemate login details?
  2. Recurring fee can be stopped by signing in to your PayPal account and managing your subscriptions.

    No, you enter your RuneMate username(Email, actually, I think) and password.

    When you launch the Runescape client through Runemate, you enter your username & password like you would normally through the client. If you do not want to launch runescape through Runemate, you can sign in to your Runescape account before starting the bot. (Must not be on NXT client if on Runescape 3)
  3. uhm, Ok I have added teh script bot I want to use and now I click runescape 3 and it says attempting to open if it does not open do it manually, I keep cliking on runescape 3 but it wont open it.
  4. You'll have to wait for someone more experience with Spectre to help you here, I haven't had that problem. Sorry.

    Like I said, you can download the Legacy Client and run it yourself, then it will appear as an already running client in RuneMate, just select it.
  5. Please read the following walk-through to get yourself set up: Tutorial - How to Use RuneMate Spectre
    With regards to cancelling the recurring payments, I believe you have to go through paypal?
  6. I have read through the video tut, I am given an error when trying too add interface failed to bind to virtual machine

    I have uninstalled runemate and all java. I have then restarted pc and reinstalled runemate again and I am still reciving this error failed to bind to virtual machine because of agentinstalivation.
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  7. Run as Admin.
  8. "run as admin" Doesnt help my problem. I made a new post about this problem in "client + support"

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