OSRS New hunter bot that isnt broken lol

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by tilly, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Been awhile since a good osrs hunting bot has been around. There was a empty promise last month lol, hoping someone could make a simple chin bot.
  2. Most of the bot authors have been busy with finals...

    @Defeat3d you gonna update or what m9?
  3. i understand finals but i didnt think finals last two months. The bot has been broken for some months now
  4. Probably school combined with 0 motivation.
  5. True i feel like it shouldnt be too hard to fix but who knows besides him really. Yeah ive been to tired to bot lol just been gambling on that new runechat lol
  6. This is the case for us all i think...
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  7. I had started making one. But got other bot development that I also had. I will see if I can get it working. Problem is my accounts are all f2p.
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    I'm sorry i havent completed it yet. I ran into a roadblock and then lost member account and had other f2p bot requests i could do. I would need a lot of help from someone with a p2p account in order to get this done :D
  8. Anyone almost done with a new bot??
  9. Maybe I will try my best to get this done. Problem is runemate is having problems with osrs right now. I'll put some progress on here lager. :D
  10. working on it
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  11. cool thanks man
  12. Any progress? not only chinning, would really like a bot for salamanders or something to get to 63 at all, doing birds with the existing one is kinda slow.
  13. Can i ask if this is still a wanted bot or if Celestial hunter or some other bot has filled this request, since i never finished making mine, and may resume it if it is still wanted :D
  14. I would definitely use it. Celestial hunter only supports birds and chins right now. Doesn't do kebbits/falconry/salamanders (as far as I know)
    So unless you're botting an account that can already hunt chins, runemate's OSRS hunter section is kind of dead
  15. I am sorry to admit that the first things i am adding to this bot are birds :p
    I have 1 hunter :D
    But i will try to add chins and salamanders at least. Not sure about kebbits and falconry as that is competely different way of hunting w/o traps.

    But i have almost finished handling birds(which will probably almost work exaclty the same for chins in the future, so im about done with both)
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    Attempting to release this :p
    Right now it will only work on bird snares, but i will add other traps soon, i just need to get the hunter level first :D
    Please report bugs
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    For anyone who doesnt know, my hunter bot has been released! It currently supports bird snares, deadfalls, and box traps. Accepting trap additions and bug reports.
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