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  1. Want your guys opinions on what I should bot first. I want this to eventually be a pure. So should I bot some moneymaking skill, or go for combat skills first to be more discrete. I know Jagex pays closed attention to newbie accounts so i want to go at this carefully! And I will be following Jesse's advice and do a quest or two a day. Thanks for any input!

    P.s: I do have an older account with decent stats that could bot a moneymaking skill too
  2. Given how closely Jagex watches you as a new account, I'd do some preparations for your pure first. You'll be less identified as bot as a low level pure. But if you want a money making script bot, then I suggest you to kill cows for their hides or push our script bot writers to make a mining script bot that also banks :) (unless we have one now)

    Maybe this guide can help you dodge mod Ronan, too.
  3. Everything he said ^ Also, you need to think about it for a while. Do you plan to play this new botted acc at all ? Do you want to farm loads of gold, and then buy items to play and enjoy the quests/bossing later ?

    I personally dont play any of my botted accounts, just because I dont know how Jagex handles multiple bots on the same ip, especially if they get banned. I dont want to risk my main account, which I have put loads of work into. I NEVER PLAY MY MAIN on an ip that I have botted on, PERIOD. That being said, I use all my mules for farming gold, and storage. If you are going to farm, then your best bet is to bot a skill that not alot of people train at the same time, or one where the training places for the skill will be mostly empty. Fishing, youre going to spend a great amount of time between Draynor, Karamja (F2P) and either the Fishing guild or Catherby (P2P) so you want to make sure that you can find worlds that are primarily empty, or filled with characters that you can clearly tell are bots. I usually talk for the first few mins im in a spot, if no one responds then youre golden. My favorite skill is fishing, and thats how i raise my cash. Especially now, alot of the ge prices for fish are back to how they were in OSRS days.

    Id choose something like Woodcutting, or Fletch, Fishing (and cooking if you do plan on saving fish) basically any skill that produces money. If you get your combat high enough, you can bot green drags for a decent amount of profit, and if you get them decent enough, and 85 dung, you can bot frost drags which is still really good money ( although i cant tell you how much they are worth now, last time i actually checked they were at like 21k or something, probably lower now)

    Overall, be smart with how you bot. Depending on how long i bot, I usually wait double that amount of time before i run the bot on that character again.
    So if I bot 10 hrs on mule #1, ill let bot #1 sleep for 20-25 hours, and use the bot on mule #2 for an extended period of time, then rinse and repeat. I also run bots on several other computers I own, so at any given time, I have at least 3 bots going. Dont go crazy and bot like 20-30 hours in a few days, and expect not to get caught. Bot a small number of hours to start with, and when you get smarter, and better at recognizing other bots, etc, then increase the amount of hours. NEVER leave your BOT running when you are not in the same vicinity as the computer lol. If you are leaving for any reason turn it off.

    Nothing worse than going to enjoy the night with your friends (after calculating the amount of sharks/gold you should have) just to come home, half wasted, to a message that says

    'Your account has been disabled. Please check the message centre for more information'

    Its the worst. lmao.
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  4. Love the response guys, very helpful!
  5. well i start a new main the other day i have botted atleast 6 hrs a day or more and i am fine i am 50+ att str hp and 30 def will be 60 str tomorrow then i will go for 70 just be carful
  6. this should help me setting up my new farm thakn you
  7. Where do you train your stats?
  8. Isnt Ronan just head community staff? Thought it was Weath who took care of the bots
  9. You're right. I must've confused Weath and Ronan.
  10. Just bot combat skills. If you need money, then just bot green dragons.
  11. Combat skills and quests will keep you safe i think, it's all i've done for the last 3 weeks and i've managed to get to combat 106 with 97 str without any problems and that's me botting like 10-15 hours per day every day.
  12. Where are you botting? :D And are you F2P or P2P?
  13. Hellhounds or jungle spiders, i realise this is an osrs thread though, i'm p2p though
  14. I started training wood cutting but that was after playing it legit for an hour or two and doing a couple quests to unlock he, after that I started training 1-10. At chickens 10-20 at cows and then did the security stronghold method, my account is very much alive and working
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    I only bot 4-13 hours a day

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