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  1. Hello there one and all.

    I am going to be working on a new main account, well when i say working i mean botting.

    So I'm going to rework the thread now!

    So to start off, a little back history on the account. As it stands this was one of my bot farmers for my old main account a few years ago, as it stands i had 2/3 of my bot farm and my main wiped out in one day. this was a few years ago now. So i come back after playing a different mmo for 9 years and found this account was still active. So here it is asking me to put a name to it and im enjoying playing again. But now i have decided i want to bot again.

    So List of Goals are as follows.

    Random Levels

    Attack 67/70
    Strength 52/70
    Defence 52/70
    Ranged 28/70
    Prayer 85/85

    Every other skill i will add later!

    99's i want to get

    Magic 78/99
    Runecrafting 82/99
    Crafting 75/99
    Fletching 91/99
    Mining 22/99
    Smithing 76/99
    Fishing 7/99
    Cooking 38/99
    Firemaking 56/99
    Woodcutting 61/99

    And now heres the progress
    Day 1 - The start
    Day 2 - The first 24 hours
    Day 3 - 33 hours into botting
    Day 4- botted 14 hours today (forgot the time change over night)
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  2. Good luck mate. Should be doable within like a week or two.
  3. yeah my avg is about 17k-19k Maples fletched per bot run at the point, going to try and get most of the stack of logs done by the end of the month. 8 to 9 days at the rate i going till i am 99
  4. What did you do for prayer? I think it's kind of odd to have it so high on such a new account. What did you do to get it up?
  5. Odd way of starting a new main, but gl!
  6. Yeah it is a bit odd i know, if I'm honest its a old bot account and i did bot the Runecrafting. I had my main account banned about 6 or 7 years ago for botting wood cutting so i left RS after that.

    But i wanted to play RS again so i got onto this, the account is about 3 weeks in. I ended up buying 200m-400m or something like that off somewhere to get started and used that for bonds and bonus xp and I used the rest on guilded alters.

    Even I'm confused :p

    I always enjoyed Fletching, wood cutting and Runecrafting so i'd like to get these to 99 first. just personal i suppose.

    And Day 3 is up, I'm going to sell the bow's i have now and see about a bond
  7. Nice man, keep it upo.
  8. I'm going to keep it up till 1 of 2 things happen, first one being a ban. Second being i want to just play after i get the 99's im after :)

    Day Number 4 up

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