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Discussion in 'Goals' started by unexist, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Hi my name is unexist and i am gonna start a f2p project.
    I made this account like 2 years ago as an hardcore iron man in rs3.
    But i got bored of it so i quit rs3.
    Now im using this acc for botting in p2p, my goal is to make a new main.
    I'm not gonna bot 24/7 but i also wont use breaks somewhere between 5 - 10 hrs a day
    Not sure how many times i will update this thread due to issues irl need to take care off.

    Update: got my first 99 so i bought a bond for the cape :p

    update 7.png

    Update: 21/02/2016


    got 99 str today
    note this account is fully botted
    only legit thing i do i questing
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  2. Good luck, will you keep 1 defence or not?
  3. probably not gonna make a new main and also getting def is just easyer for training combat.
    is this works out i might make a pure :p
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  4. Well goodluck :)
  5. thank you
  6. Good luck. Keep us updated ;)
  7. thank you i will
  8. Goodluck! keep us updated :D
  9. thanks still going strong atm
  10. If you want to do multiple a week, but don't want to fill up your thread with too many images, wrap each weeks images in spoiler tags and then it'll hide them all unless the viewer clicks the spoiler :)
  11. thanks
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    i am botting this account again archieved second 99 its members now i will post screenshot later

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