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Discussion in 'General' started by Frozen, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Hello!

    I am new here and of what I've been reading on the forums this bot seems to be reliable! Introduction about myself and my botting history, I used to bot back in 2008-2011 green dragons but quit after my main got banned and have played legit since that but now I really want to get back to botting.

    I currently have a RS3 account which I play legit on which is around cb ~60 (is also my OSRS acc ~110cb with decent bank). But I want to start a second account who will be my "gold income" account for my primary RS3 account. I was wondering what is the best way to start an account? Should I play first levels legit and then start botting it or do I jump straightly to botting?

    Some other questions I also have are..
    1. How do Green dragon bots get away so easily having stats only in melee(some have 90-90-90 and higher)?
    2. If I get banned on my second account, will I get banned on my main non-botted account?
    Thanks ! :)
  2. 1. By not getting banned.
    2. Idek
  3. 1. People don't report as diligently at Green Dragons, and afaik combat bots form less obvious patterns.
    2. You shouldn't, unless your legit main and botted accounts are interacting in game as well

    These are both just my opinions though :p
  4. Welcome!

    I recommend following this strategy for at least the first few months if you are looking to keep your alternative account away from bans.

  5. Ahh I see.. Do you think transfering GP for a bond could cause anything?
  6. Hasn't for me, but then again my bots haven't been banned yet xD
  7. Just don't bot on fresh accounts.
  8. It's not a bad advice, but not entirely true either. At least I wouldn't say it's a definite rule that you should not bot on fresh accounts.

    But on whatever account you bot, do it smart. Especially on fresh accounts. Try to mimic human playing.
    Don't start off botting 24/7. I'd say, don't bot more than 5-8 hours a day when you first start off on fresh account.

    Switch activities. Don't go all out on one skill. Do a little of everything, like legit noobs do. Some firemaking, cooking... a quest or two wont hurt. Even if it's a waste of time in terms of making money, it will, hopefully, work out better in the end.

    That being said. You can never, ever be sure. There is always a risk that you will loose any/all of your accounts.

    If you wish to play on main legit, and create kind of money funnel account(s), also look into VPN's to hide connection between your main account and bot account. Also, I would run bots on VM to keep runescape caches and such separate.
  9. Why would keeping the caches separate be a desirable thing?
  10. Cutting any connections between your main and botting account would be a desirable thing, no?
    Jagex might store and access, say, account names that have logged on from the same computer? Not sure, but better be cautious than sorry.
  11. Ehhh, sounds a bit overzealous to me, if you're gonna do that then what about the possibility of them using a UID based on your system? Also isn't it possible to determine if the program is being ran in a VM or not? :p

    Having no in game interaction between your main and your bots is a good habit, but I don't believe that logging onto a known botting computer is grounds for a ban (otherwise I'd have lost a few legit accounts) :p
  12. You might be right. I am not familiar at all with methods which Jagex could or do use.

    I am also not sure how the hardware ID's work when it comes to VM, but I'd think they are not the same on VM as they are on host. The reason being, and which also brings us to the next question, is that VM uses kind of HW emulation/pass-trough. So your graphics card and it's driver might be called something like "VM_vGPU" instead of "nV/ATi whatever" - which is also probably one of the few things that would give away if, say RS is being run in VM or not. But the names of HW and their drivers can be, rather easily, changed in the registry, which would make it impossible to detect VM that way.

    Also, Java runs in VM either way, not sure how this would work out. VMception.

    Anyway. I agree that using the VM might not be necessary, but I also cannot see how it would hurt.
    In the end - use it or don't. Anyones choice.
  13. True, whatever works for you, works for you :p

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