New to RuneMate. Want to try out OSRS botting.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to RuneMate. I have botted before but stopped for a while, I want to get into it again but this time with OldSchool.
    I had a couple of questions before I start.

    How's the ban rate with this bot on OSRS? Which scripts bots or methods are best to use on a fresh F2P account to make some money? I plan on running 2-3 bots simultaneously and eventually make them P2P if they do not get banned.

    I have been reading on posts that people have been running bots for a couple days which seems promising to me.

  2. Ban rates aren't high at all. I've run multiple instances of 24+ hours on different f2p accounts, and have even have a 43 hour proggy on an f2p account. that account to this day is still not banned. botting on it as i type this. Granted I gave him a bond, however all of the previous botting before the bond was all f2p. Just be careful and make a few dummy accounts to test out which bots are well made and function properly. Remember, if a bot isn't functioning right or you have a bug, please report it on the bots' thread. It helps :D :) 43hr 1.JPG 43hr 2.JPG

    And yes I'm aware that at 80 WC I could have been cutting yews. At the time, the yew/maple portion of the wc bot was acting up, and I needed cash so willows were out of the option.

    TL;DR make dummy test accounts, and you'll be fine. Oh and #1 rule: Have a mule or 2. Good luck and have fun
  3. RuneMate is good for OS, but there are better clients to use for OS botting. I think RuneMate is the best for Rs3 botting though ;)

    And there's always a risk when botting, so just bot wisely on RuneMate and the chances you getting banned are very low :)
  4. First of all, welcome to the community!

    Now, to keep your account from getting banned you'll need to bot safely (the link has been posted in the first post), and what I mean by this is not to go out on a botting frenzy. Take it slow by only botting a few hours a day, and to switch it up in terms of what time during the day you bot. As for the ban rate, I haven't seen too many people complaining on here. I haven't experience any bans myself, either. :)
  5. Thanks for the info! Does the yew area work on maxi now?
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    Which clients are good for OS?
  6. I'm not too sure actually, I haven't been back there as I've been working on fishing/cooking :) I'd check the thread for that bot and post there :) good luck!
  7. I have been banned on a few accounts, my personal rule is to never go over 3.5 hours because I have noticed banned rates go up after that, though it really is up to you and how you bot.
  8. Always look to bot in areas that have a low player count, more players = more risk of being reported.
    Try and use an account to bot on ONLY, don't bot and play until you have the desired stats, the two conflict and it raises flags.

    Stick with one script bot also.

    If you need any other information feel free to PM Me.

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