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  1. Username: 6 letters of excitement.
    Location: Australian
    Age: 25
    Interests: csgo, football, music production
    Particular skills: full qualified registered nurse. true story
    RuneScape Botting History:

    Started playing rs in 2004, played heaps for the next 18 months before losing interesting and moving on to counterstrike. Pretty much every year after that Id come back with intentions to bot. in 2006 was using Scythe color script bot (i think). But I was scared shitless of getting banned so didnt do it much.

    Circa 2008 used rsbot fairly heavily but stopped a while before bot nuke day. Avoided bans.
    Started botting again in 2013 with powerbot. I used it pretty heavily and got a week ban plus some stat reductions.

    I checked powerbot every few months or so to see progress from other users but everyone was just getting banned so I havnt gone there again.

    Randomly googled Rs bots the other day and found this site! Done about 20 houirs of botting so far.

    Got the same account since 2004, fingers crossed I dont get banned.
  2. Welcome to RuneMate, you'll like it here :).
  3. Welcome :D Rsbot does get you banned very quickly. You can still get banned here but not as fast if using the right scipts, doing a quest every now and then and taking breaks. Have fun!
  4. Welcome and ^this^ + dont overclock it

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