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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by tnwrestler360, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. I just recently downloaded RuneMate and I love it. It has the cleanest look of all the bots I have seen so far and the API is on point. I have already started writing for it, however I cannot figure out how to debug things such as ID's or Interface IDs. Any help would be appreciated <3.
  2. Check out the Resources section. You'll find a decent amount of tutorials on how to get started using your favorite development environment.
  3. In case you missed my messages in the shoutbox...

  4. I found that section my friend, however I could not find how to make the client show item IDs.
  5. Beat you to it. Read above. :p
  6. Welcome to RuneMate yo!
  7. Thank you Wizard. The client is so darn clean. I am in love I believe. Divinius (AKA Salvation) told me about this bot. I used one of his hosting services back in the day.
  8. Glad to see we have users referring others. And indeed it is one of, if not the best, bots out there.
  9. Now that I figured it out, I will write a little tutorial tomorrow!
  10. Sounds great, buddy.
    Great to have you onboard.

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