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  1. I know this is probably blown up on most botting forums, and I'm not causing a fuss just curiosity, but how long do updates to the bot typically take after the game has been updated? I try to stay on a consistent schedule so nothing I do usually looks botted, and Im always curious as too how big the development team is, leading to how quickly updates are pushed.

    Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse, because I'm sure a lot of you will say "When It's ready," But i'm Just curious! Thanks!
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  3. The last time this happend it was updated really fast!
  4. If the client does not manage to automatically update itself (which it most of the updates does afaik), Cloud will do it manually really quickly.
    With other botting clients you may have heard of or even tried yourself, it usually takes a few days to a week or so to finally get the client running again.
  5. Ah, It's good to know it's very quick here, because It seems the placeholder option broke the bots ability to bank correctly on OSRS so I figured it needed a manual fix. Unless it's already been fixed. been giving it a break in the meantime.
  6. Cloud is bae. He got this.
  7. Hey guys, just letting you know that the recent update did NOT break any hooks, the system automatically handled it as expected. I'm assuming some interfaces changed so I'll be taking a look at that soon.
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    Status update: Isolated the problem, gathering some quick data to fix it with, and then I'm waiting on @Arbiter so I can package a release for runemate v1. I've been so focused on Spectre that I lost some of the files I needed to package a release so we'll have to wait a bit for him :p
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  8. Good to know the devs on this site stay on top of things, Kind of what I look for in a community. New & All I appreciate the professionalism you seem to bring. Keep up the good work. @Cloud

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